Rubbish Removal Logistics as a Service

Our experienced team of waste management specialists can help your business or organization in the UK to deal with all of its commercial waste in a cost-effective manner. All you need to do is call our friendly team today.

Spill result

Check, clean up and dispose of wastes originating from unforeseen spills. Waste management system.

Spill response equipment comprises:

  • Event control units
  • Complete PPE and emergency gear
  • Hoover tankers
  • Chemical dispersants
  • Jetting washdown gear
  • Spill kits
  • Mobile booms
  • Drain covers
  • Shore and foreshore cleaning gear
  • Excavation and reinstatement

Spray Booth

A state-of-the-art facility within one of Europe’s largest Waste Management Centers.
Placed within our wide-ranging workshops is a purpose-built spray booth – possibly the largest of its own type, designed especially to keep the neighborhood waste management easier.


Stationary Compactors for recycled waste
Make waste management simple with a Static Compactor
Stationary Compactors are used for the onsite compaction of waste materials. The equation is straightforward – the less space your waste takes up, the fewer bins or dumpsters it fills, as well as the less it’ll cost you to get it accumulated for disposal.

Shrinking the quantity of waste you dispose of won’t only save your company money enhance your work environment, it is also great for the environment in general with less landfill space used by compressed waste.

Our extensive selection of Static Compactors means that we’ve got the perfect kind of Compactor for virtually any company, large or little.

The benefits of our Stationary Compactors
*Decreased waste disposal prices
*Low care, long lasting layouts and parts
Our variety of Stationary Compactors is made in Germany by Avermann. With a complete selection of sizes and shapes, there’s a model to suit every business need.

The best in compacting waste

Our compactor is a solid and strong steel compactor made to deal with substantial volumes of waste. The flooring, as well as the sides up to the guidings, are built from an 8 mm steel plate as well as the guidings are created from Teflon RCS1000. The top filling place side walls are built from a 3.8 mm steel plate and are augmented by rectangular conduits.

This low care, electro-hydraulic waste compactor provides efficient compaction in an environmentally friendly manner; both with regard to energy use and in improved waste disposal performance and lowering skip hire cost.

  • Manages a large selection of waste
  • Easy operation

Stationary compactors may be provided with an incorporated bin lift that’s fitted during the period of production or an outside bin lift.